Records and Document Management

Records management (RM) technologies enable organizations to enforce policies and rules for the retention and disposition of content required for documenting business transactions, in addition to automating the management of their record-retention policies.

Document management (DM) is a function in which applications or middleware perform data management tasks tailored for typical unstructured documents (including compound documents).

Records and Document Management is a critical functional and operational component of any government or commercial enterprise.

efficiency and control

The ability to safely digitize and store, track and retrieve documents is paramount to operational efficiency and control.

OmniSystems has spent decades working in high volume transaction operations and understands the complexities and needs around secure document management.

making smarter decisions

The records and document management solution that OmniSystems provides helps many organizations make smarter decisions faster by providing the solutions they need to manage their records, content, and business processes more efficiently. This solution has helped organizations in industries including:


  • Federal Government
  • military
  • financial
  • healthcare
  • manufacturing
  • construction
  • retail
  • education
  • telecommunications
  • general services



Solutions by OmniSystems

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