Case Management

Case management solutions are applications designed to support a complex process that requires a combination of human tasks and electronic workflow, such as an incoming application, a submitted claim, a complaint, or a claim that is moving to litigation.

We employ a number of case management solutions, including commercial-off-the-shelf solutions. OmniSystems’ Audit Investigations and Program Integrity (AIPI) is a tool aimed at servicing agencies and departments with a variety of program integrity needs. The tool is broadly geared to service a wide range of organizations with investigative and program integrity responsibilities. It starts with a set of features that are commonly applicable, but can accommodate diverse needs and preferences by being designed for flexibility and with a rapidly adaptable configuration. These features are designed based on industry standards and developed by subject matter experts with program integrity and investigation experience.

extensive experience

Our extensive experience and expertise in case management solutions and an in-depth understanding of investigations, personnel security and workflows, allows us to quickly deploy a case tracking system meeting many common use cases. Our experience with a broad range of customers allows us to adapt our base system configuration to accommodate an organization’s more specific needs.

OmniSystems has spent decades working in high volume transaction operations and understands the complexities and needs around securely sharing records and documents.

effective communication

Omni Systems combines technical expertise in multiple case management platforms with the subject matter expertise to effectively communicate with our clients and meet their needs.


Solutions by OmniSystems

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