Grants Management

Grants Management is a dynamic environment that encompasses case management, document management and financial management. The OmniSystems tool chest of software provides for various solution options to clients depending on individual client requirements. OmniSystems works with legacy platforms as well and we have the program knowledge necessary to operate and maintain a grants management platform.

OmniSystems used its web application development and infrastructure expertise to develop a grants management platform; the platform embodies OmniSystems' twenty five+ (25+) years of grants management expertise.

The OmniSystems solution provides users with the ability to create applications, budgets and plans for multiple types of grants. The solution provides the ability for grantees to report on their performance and spending on their grants and grant providing organizations the ability to monitor and track the grantee's performance and financial management of the grants against their approved plans.

The OmniSystems grants management platform fulfills the following needs in federal grants management:

quick and flexible

  • Manage, and quickly incorporate, multiple grant types,
  • Provide flexibility in reporting and monitoring grant performance, and

web-based solution

  • Access to a web-based solution that is easily scalable to a large number of users,
  • Employ role-based access control to functionality in support of the concept of least privilege,
  • Provide workflow support for submission, review, and approval/rejection of applicaions, budgets, plans, and periodic reports, including notification emails at key workflow steps,
  • Provide robust reporting and data export capabilites,
  • Support users with system administration capabilities built into the application for user management, helpdesk support, scheduled jobs, and secuity monitoring,

common platform

  • Deploy a common platform for use across organizations and agencies.
  • Support for standard form such as the SF-424 (grant application), SF-424a (budget), and SF-425 (financial reporting), as well as other OMB forms,
  • Interface with, import payment and grant status data from Stripes, share data with external data warehouses.

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