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Migrate Your On-Premises Workloads to AWS
Architect, Migrate, Manage, and Optimize AWS Cloud Environment Services

Let OmniSystems move your critical workloads to a secure and scalable cloud environment with global reach.

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Migration Methodology

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Migrating workloads to the cloud requires a phased approach that includes assessment, readiness and planning, migrations, and operations, with each phase building on the previous one.

Our comprehensive portfolio of migration tools provide automation and intelligent to help simplify and accelerate each step of the migration process.

Our tools help you assess your on-premises resources and build a right-sized and optimized cost projection for running applications in AWS.

OmniSystems will help you develop a business case that provides a compelling business case and justification prior to starting a large-scale migration.

AWS Migration Strategies

To set up an ideal AWS Cloud platform and facilitate your business the required transformation without disrupting the current workflow, there are two major strategies one can implement for AWS migration.

Forklift Migration Strategy

Forklift migration strategy follows ‘pick up the existing system and drop-in into AWS’ approach rather than moving parts of the system over time.

This strategy is ideal for stateless applications, self-contained applications, or tightly coupled applications.

Hybrid Migration Strategy

Hybrid migration strategy follows the approach of moving parts of a system to the cloud, rather than moving the whole system.

This strategy is suitable for large systems with multifarious applications.
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