Public Safety and Security

OmniSystems public safety and security solutions include expert consulting and technology delivery services to US Public Sector (Federal & State/Local), Caribbean Police and Security, and Commercial Enforcement and Security organizations. By integrating staff’s Public Safety, Project Management, and Engineering expertise to deliver creative and innovative solutions for clients. OmniSystems Public Safety and Security Solutions include deployment of many different technologies (e.g. doc management, case management, visual and predictive analytics, intelligent business process management systems, and advanced video management and analytics).

As law enforcement and security adapts to new approaches and ideas, our Division actively works with customers to grow with our need for change.

OmniSystems has corporate membership and standing with the Association of Caribbean Commissioners of Police (ACCP) and the National Organization of Black Law Enforcement Executives (NOBLE).

Typical areas where problems are solved include:

Area 1

Investigative case management systems to track and manage criminal, civil, and administrative investigations

Area 2

Law Enforcement and Security Records Management Solutions to capture, catalog, and visualize incident, complaint, and criminal data

Area 3

Professional engineering services to enable or enhance agency’s compliance to data management activities for capture, maintenance, and archival of records (i.e. NIBRS, NIEM, CJIS)

Area 4

Video Analytics and specialized security video management solutions used to conduct real-time retrieval, collaboration, and investigative response involving video data

Area 5

Consult and advise Agency officials regarding emerging technologies and deployment of modern enforcement tools.

Additional Areas

And more.


Solutions by OmniSystems

Our core competencies have made OmniSystems a trusted partner, and the engine to power technology for Fortune 500 companies, organizations, and governments in the US Virgin Islands, the US mainland, and around the world.

OmniSystems is the powerhouse behind the U.S. Virgin Islands’ technology landscape

By understanding our customer’s requirements and conferring with our experts, we develop a clear operational picture to help us meticulously choose the right technologies that are focused on customer success.

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