Cyber Security

OmniSystems provides a managed services approach to meet the cyber security needs of our customers.

Our Security Engineers have multiple industry standard certifications and support customers’ compliance with the NIST and FISMA frameworks and standards. Our solutions are based on proven project management principles and our team’s expertise in implementing NIST’s Risk Management Framework (RMF).

OmniSystems’ enterprise-centric IT security approach addresses security challenges from an enterprise level based on detailed requirements laid out by our customers. By utilizing the customer collaboration approach, we ensure:

Enterprise Modernization and Consolidation

Our experience in establishing successful security programs for large federal agencies includes security programs for legacy application modernization and a consolidation effort for several large legacy federal government systems.

OmniSystems’ end-to-end delivery process allows for unique flexibility and scalability to support virtually any project size, minimizing risk and cost while maximizing project success and data protection.

Enterprise Level Regulatory Compliance

Within our security methodology framework, we perform comprehensive data analysis using Federal Information Processing (FIPS) guidelines to determine the security categorization of data and calibrate the appropriate level of protection.

Cross-border information sharing has become very important for federal agencies and as a result, we perform privacy impact analysis on data that crosses enterprise borders, monitor proper segregation of duties, and enforce privileged access.

Enterprise-Level Application, Database, and Web Security

OmniSystems works towards setting up a security-aware culture by implementing security initiatives at the early stage of a development lifecycle.

Our collaborative approach enables us to implement security requirements, guide contractors toward security best practices, and develop a flexible security plan to meet a common security goal cost effectively.

We have developed agency-specific authorization processes, access provisioning mechanisms, and administrative security processes to enable on-time secure access to business-critical government systems. We enable secure authentication and secure data transmission (data encryption) at various levels, including web user access points, system to system interfaces, trading partner access, and internal user access by complying with the FIPS cryptographic standards.

Through specialized IT training, constant communication, automated and manual web- application security testing and evaluation (ST&E), and most importantly, our partnerships with developers, we minimize application risks that arise.


Solutions by OmniSystems

Our core competencies have made OmniSystems a trusted partner, and the engine to power technology for Fortune 500 companies, organizations, and governments in the US Virgin Islands, the US mainland, and around the world.

OmniSystems is the powerhouse behind the U.S. Virgin Islands’ technology landscape

By understanding our customer’s requirements and conferring with our experts, we develop a clear operational picture to help us meticulously choose the right technologies that are focused on customer success.

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