OmniSystems developed its first community focused product in 2020.

Omni Audits, Investigations, and Program Integrity solution was developed on FedRAMP approved COTS case management platform, and designed to support core Audits, Investigations, and Complaints/Incidents tracking.


Audit Investigations and Program Integrity

OmniSystem’s Audit Investigations and Program Integrity (OmniAIPI) solution is a tool designed and built to service agencies and departments with various Program Integrity (PI) needs.

Scalable & Flexible

Our product is broadly geared to service multiple organizations, scalable to address organizations large and small, and is designed for flexibility with rapidly adaptable configuration.

Designed to Fit

Built by experienced subject matter experts guided by industry standards, OmniAIPI is designed to fit any agency or unit’s specific missions, terminology, and operational footing.

Unique Experience

Our extensive experience with the development of Case Management solutions combined with our subject matter expertise in Investigations and Program Integrity uniquely position us to plan and define the necessary solutions.


AIPI includes the full NIBRS data model for capture and reporting law enforcement data.

AIPI design incorporates the standards and principles included in the CIGIE Quality Standards for Investigations (QSI)

Multifaceted system

OmniAIPI is a multifaceted system with a suite of components targeted to address a wide swath of PI needs in a single solution, while allowing flexibility to expand or adjust on demand.


Solutions by OmniSystems

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