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Succesful Zoom venture with the EDA for the 2020 EntrePreNow Abbreviated Session.


OmniSystems has been a proud supporter of EntrepreNow which is a summer program for at-risk young men, in the U.S. Virgin Islands (USVI), between the ages of fifteen (15) and nineteen (19). The program equips each participant with the skills and knowledge of starting a business, and providing tools to build character and a good attitude.

We are pleased to announce that our virtual zoom venture with The USVI Economic and Development Authority for the 2020 EntrePreNow Abbreviated Session was extremely successful. The program consisted of five young men from USVI St. Thomas & St. Croix and ten notable guest speakers. The sessions were held on August 17-21 from 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM.

The young men were able to gain networking advancements to help further their careers and professional development process. The EntrepreNow program content included:

  1. Career Advancement Guide
  2. Social Media Career Advancement/ Measures
  3. Cyber Security Measures
  4. Gun Violence Prevention/Solutions
  5. Governmental Career Insight
  6. Covid-19 measures

The guest listed included:

  1. Osbert Potter, Director of Caribbean and Latin America Operations at OmniSystems
  2. Attorney Sam Joseph, Chief Territorial Public Defender for the Office of the Territorial Public Defender
  3. Angela Livas, Author, CEO, Connector, Philanthropist
  4. Angela Dingle, President and CEO of Ex Nihilo
  5. Michael “Mike” Black, Chief Operating Officer of Concise Network Solutions
  6. Ian Tomlinson, President and CEO of OmniSystems
  7. Special Guest Tim Duncan, Retired Professional Basketball Player

The purpose of this program was to have the young men understand the importance and the power of networking. They were very attentive and asked many inquisitive questions. We were very impressed with their ambitious and assertive personalities.

OmniSystems is a firm believer in philanthropy and decided to task the gentlemen with a commercial ad project. We invited the young men to participate in a joint digital marketing project sponsored by OmniSystems Inc. The project entailes tasking EntrepreNow to produce a commercial advertisement. The end product would serve to reintroduce, represent, and deliver the OmniSystems brand and services within the U.S. Virgin Islands, the greater Caribbean region, and potentially the U.S. social media sector.

The young men are in the process of working on the commercial ad. Once their ad is finalized and ready for submission, we will be announcing the ad. We are always happy to give back to the community, and we are pleased to make a difference in these young men's lives. OmniSystems looks forward to next year's EntrepreNow Session.

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