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OmniSystems in Jamaica

OmniSystems believes in making relationship building a business priority.


Image Description: L to R: Reginald Vigilant, OmniSystems COO/Co-Founder, Maxine Elliott, Director Health IT/Jamaica Lead, the Hon. Minister of Industry, Commerce, Agriculture and Fisheries (MICAF) Jamaica, Audley Shaw, Omni Partner Natalie Smolenski, SVP Business Development, Learning Machine, Monique Gibbs, CTO, MICAF, Gary Walker, SVP, Business Development, OmniSystems – at the offices of Hon. Minister Audley Shaw, Kingston, Jamaica.


OmniSystems, Incorporated is an award winning, top 100 MBE Systems Engineering and Software Development company, headquartered in McLean, VA.  OmniSystems is owned and operated by President, Ian Tomlinson and Chief Operating Officer, Reginald Vigilant.  For over 25 years, OmniSystems has become a brand in the Technology/ICT space that is etched on integrity and ethical business practices, quality customer service and a team of highly credentialed and experienced thought leaders and subject matter experts.

In a market filled with competent ICT players, OmniSystems has perfected its business model based on a unique formula for competitive advantage while maintaining the precision, responsiveness and personalized customer care that is unique to a smaller business.  Growth and entry into new global markets have not quenched this quality and in fact, it has become a driver for continued success.

As a technology company, we have an undeniable understanding of how digital technology has, and continues to transform our society.  Our business is based on the role technology plays in empowering companies to do things faster, more efficiently, saving time, avoiding costs and improving our customers’ bottom line. Conversely, we remain equally aware of the negative impact depending on technology can have on our ability to build the kind of interpersonal relationships that remain essential for success in business.

OmniSystems believes in making relationship building a business priority.  In fact, our success as we continue to move into new global markets and our enviable partnership network is based on our ability to build connections with those who can contribute to the long-term growth of our business.  We make it a priority to develop deeper relationships with people who can pay huge dividends in terms of creating opportunities to support, serve and sell.

As the Director of Health Information Technology at OmniSystems, I am proud to say that OmniSystems is honest, reliable and responsive to the short and long-term needs of our customers. Our leadership believe the investment made in establishing a positive reputation promotes our business as professional, trustworthy and deserving of loyalty; our results – more business referrals and repeat business from current customers.

OmniSystems has offices throughout the USA and is a major player and trusted partner in the Caribbean region with offices in the US Virgin Islands, Bahamas, Trinidad & Tobago and Jamaica. 

At OmniSystems our customer relationship culture is a priority.  We believe that focusing on relationship marketing skills opens doors to more business opportunities.  We invest in making face-to-face connections with our customers through networking, attending industry conferences or simply being “on island” and just meeting up for dinner or a cup of coffee.  This emphasis on relationship marketing ensures our customers, partners, and prospects will more readily think of OMNISYSTEMS when a need or an opportunity to make a referral comes along. 

Business Take Away: Speaking with or meeting your customers in person is an equal driver for business success as it keeps your business top in their minds when they are ready to make a purchase or request consultation.

For partnership/teaming opportunities or business needs contact:

Maxine Elliott, Director Health IT on 703.448.5300 ext. 265 or by email: or visit us at our website at

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