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OmniSystems Participates in the 17th Annual Jamaica Diaspora Conference

OmniSystems contributes with improvements to the Jamaican Public Healthcare System and the role that Cybersecurity plays in National Security.


Photo Description: Reginald Vigilant and Maxine Elliott, TV Interview, CVM at Sunrise, Jamaica

During its 25 years of operation, OmniSystems Inc. has exemplified what the true meaning of “giving back to the community” and “commitment to the Caribbean” really means. OmniSystems is headquartered in McLean, Virginia, with additional offices in Maryland and Georgia, USA. Ian Tomlinson, President and Co-founder, and Reginald Vigilant, Chief Operating Officer and Co-Founder, both citizens of the Caribbean, have led by example when it comes to being an active member of the Caribbean Diaspora by establishing additional office locations in the US Virgin Islands, Trinidad & Tobago, and the Bahamas.

In July 2017, Maxine Elliott, Omnisystems’ Director of Health Information Technology took the mantle of giving back to the community, and along with Reginald Vigilant, she participated in the 2017 Jamaica 55 Diaspora Conference, hosted at the Jamaica Conference Center in Kingston, Jamaica.

As the Director of Health Information Technology, Maxine has made it a strategic priority to engage with various stakeholders of the Jamaican government, and propose support through strategic discussions, interviews with local TV stations and participation in open discussions at various sessions hosted by the Ministry of Health.

On July 24, 2017, Maxine Elliott and Reginald Vigilant were invited by Jamaica Politician and TV Host, Raymond Pryce to appear on CVM at Sunrise and contribute to the national discussion on improvements to the Jamaican Public Healthcare System and the role that Cybersecurity plays in National Security.

Ms. Elliot stated, “as the Ministry of Health moves forward in implementing improvements to the healthcare system in Jamaica, technology must play a vital role in increasing access to care, improving the efficiencies and quality in service delivery, and reducing costs. The unfortunate risk that virtual access to health information brings is the threat of breaches and the havoc that ransomware can bring to the Jamaican healthcare space. OmniSystems offers Jamaica 25 years of stellar experience in government and private sector information technology and cybersecurity solutions to the Ministry of Health and other government entities who have leadership responsibility in ensuring that the right programs and measures are put in place to protect the Jamaican citizenry.

As a member of the Jamaican Diaspora, OmniSystems provides its services through local strategic partnerships and highly credentialed resources to the Ministry of Health to assist them in developing and implementing the right technological solutions that will improve quality of service, create cost savings, and provide opportunities to develop the Jamaican workforce.

Ms. Elliott affirmed this commitment by stating, “Our team of experienced, credentialed experts are excited at the opportunity to return to the birthplace of our parents and provide the knowledge, expertise and resources that Jamaica needs to meet its strategic goals in providing efficient access to healthcare across the island and in the rural areas of Jamaica, while working with the youth and Jamaican institutions to provide workforce development and training opportunities that will enable Jamaica to sustain these services.”

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