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Government Solutions Division, CR Software LLC Awards OmniSystems Partner Certification

CR Software announced partnership with OmniSystems.


Fairfax, VA, March 29, 2012—CR Software, the world's leading provider of enterprise collections and receivables management solutions today announced partnership with OmniSystems, an award-winning Information Technology systems engineering, software development and consulting firm providing customer-centric state-of-the-art information and technology solutions.

Specializing in the collection of debt owed to government agencies at the Federal, State and Local levels, CR Software focuses on government to citizen (including Student Loan, Personal Property and Real, Vehicle and Luxury taxes, unemployment insurance, utility and child support), government to government (including data analytics and debts from municipalities to larger government entities) and government to business (including a variety of legally mandated fees and fines) debt types.

“The Titanium ORE (Open Receivables Environment) platform provides government users with best-of-breed solutions in every aspect of the collections process,” said Rob Robb, Director, Government Solutions for CR Software. “Our partnership with OmniSystems enables us to expand an expertise within our Modernization Initiative, offering government agencies the opportunity to eliminate fraud, waste and abuse, dramatically increasing processing efficiencies, collection revenue and constituent and community relationships regarding the collection of any debt type.”

A Commercial off the Shelf (COTS) platform, Titanium is an open architecture system performance tested and scaling to 11,200 concurrent users transmitting information in sub-second processing time. Security is considered the best in the industry, using pluggable authentication, encryption of data at rest and the masking of specific, sensitive data from users without required access. Functionality is extensive, configurable to meet the highly individualistic needs of government agencies of every size collecting a wide variety of debt.

“We’re very pleased to be partnering with CR Software,” said OmniSystems, Inc. Chief Operating Officer Reginald Vigilant. “The technical and subject matter expertise we offer, including database administration and implementation, document and knowledge management, software development and network infrastructure, and newly added team member state collection subject matter expert Charles Rutter dovetail nicely with the broad range of products and services CR Software offers the public sector.”

“The alliance with OmniSystems gives us additional firepower, if you will,” said Robb, “to add collection types at any time, using our configuration approach, rather than the costly burden of customization,” he added. “We look forward to putting our experience with Shelby County, Tennessee, who will soon be using the Kiosk channel to better serve their citizens, in a variety of state and local agencies around the country.”

About OmniSystems, Inc.

Established in 1993, OmniSystems is an award-winning Information Technology (IT) systems engineering, software development and consulting firm specializing in the development and integration of web-enabled solutions. Through custom internet and intranet-based solutions, Omni leverages latest technologies to better enable organizations to securely build relationships, one customer, partner and employee at a time.

A diverse group of engineers, skilled and certified in many leading technologies and disciplines, they combine talent in multi-tiered application development with agile methodologies under flexible project management and quality assurance processes, producing consistent, high quality software and solutions.

About CR Software LLC

Established in 1984, CR Software has more than 28 years’ experience implementing collections recovery and debt management platforms, currently offering Titanium ORE (Open Receivables Environment), considered by industry experts the best open architecture platform on the market. Titanium offers a Commercial off the Shelf (COTS) solution, including a configuration, scalability and security unavailable from any other software provider. For further information, please visit our website at

(Note: CR Software was acquired by FICO in November 2012. )

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