OmniSystems and EHNAC
Extending Global Stakeholder Trust

Technology plays such a vital role in innovating and improving the way healthcare is accessed and delivered.

Protected World iconAs a leading information technology and software engineering company, OmniSystems appreciates the equally important role that information security and a solid cyber security program plays in providing the highest level of safety and assurance to the healthcare customers and more than seven million citizens’ data we serve.

In an effort to continue our commitment to ensure our customers not only meet the highest standards of data privacy, security and integrity, but demonstrate to business partners and prospects their level of commitment to industry best practices, we have teamed up with the Electronic Healthcare Network Accreditation Commission (EHNAC), a non-profit standards development organization and accrediting body for organizations that electronically exchange healthcare data.

Security background

Lee Garrett

As the threat of ransomware and other cyber attacks continues to increase year over year on both the international and domestic fronts, it is critical for healthcare organizations to safeguard the protected health information/personally identifiable information within their care.”

Executive Director, EHNAC

Ian Tomlinson

OmniSystems continues to enhance its Cybersecurity program offering as cyber threats evolve and change daily. Our collaboration with EHNAC furthers our goals of continued risk mitigation for our clients.”

President, OmniSystems, Inc.

Enhancing OmniSystems’ Cybersecurity and Risk Management Programs.

Through this strategic collaboration, EHNAC’s 18 accreditation programs, and cybersecurity framework will now be available to current and prospective OmniSystems’ customers in international markets, as part of our Health Information Technology service offerings.

EHNAC’s unique, stakeholder-specific approach provides industry assurance in service reliability, customer satisfaction, healthcare business expertise, IT system resiliency, data recovery, healthcare audit trails, and compliance with strict data exchange standards.

EHNAC Accreditation Program Sample

Partnering with EHNAC furthers our goals of continued risk mitigation for our clients. Through this partnership our clients will achieve the gold standard of quality, privacy, security, confidentiality and global regulatory compliance.

A Symbol Synonymous with Compliance in Healthcare-Related Data Transfer.

Dedicated to providing healthcare organizations with the highest level of quality via their accreditation programs, the EHNAC symbol has become synonymous with compliance in healthcare-related data transfer procedures.

By offering the opportunity to attain comprehensive EHNAC accreditation, OmniSystems is providing customers with the robust security foundation your organization needs to mitigate risk of cyberattack or breach and in turn keeping the crucial healthcare data in your organization’s care, safeguarded, all while meeting your government’s regulatory requirements.

Omnisystems-Enhac, Extending the Global Trust

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